Art Expectations 314 Forgiveness


314 GreatExp Forgiveness 150

{Day 314, Page 336} (Pip is with Miss Havisham at her home discussing money, as usual. It was always money or Estella!)
He begins to explain his relationship with Herbert and how he secretly came about setting up the business for him. The money used was of course from Magwitch, although Pip had thought it to be from Miss H. He still owes 900 pounds to complete the transaction. Miss H says she’ll give him this money. But he has to keep her secrets as well as she’ll keep his. He agrees. She asks if he is still unhappy. He tells her yes, but there are other causes of this unhappiness of which he cannot speak of. She asks if there is anything she can do for him, not just for his friend. Pip answers on the next page.

Since starting this project in January 2012, I knew I wanted to not only try new materials, but also play around with different styles. To challenge myself to work differently. It’s been fun, but not always with successful results. Perusing the internet (Pinterest) I have been influenced by some wonderful artists and illustrators. I know some of my work reflects this but also with some of myself mixed in. Here is a piece I whipped out yesterday using collage papers, some with gelli plate printing, bits of an old Sears Roebuck catalog, paint markers and gel pens with acrylic painting. This is one of my favorites so far!

Art Expectations Days 172, 173 & 174


172 GreatExp ghost150
173 GreatExp blackingwar150

174 GreatExp rub cat150
Three Days in ONE! What a bargain!
Here are pages 188, 189, 190:

Joe is in London and visiting Pip. He tells Pip that Mrs Gargery (Pip’s sister) is no worse off (remember, she was attacked by a home intruder), Biddy is “right and ready” (for what, marriage?!) and Mr Wopsle has “had a drop.” By this Joe means that Wopsle has left the Church to become an actor! Joe attended his play the night before, which involved a ghost. It’s hard to tell if Joe liked the play or not. I’m thinking he just didn’t know what to make of it.

Joe finally hangs his bird-nest hat on a corner of the chimney, where it keeps falling off, causing Joe to do some unusual acrobatics to retrieve it every time. Joe tells how he and Mr Wopsle saw a bit of the city the day before, starting off with the Blacking Warehouse. They were not impressed. It was a bit “too architectooralooral” says Joe, drawing out the word. Turns out Dickens was sent to work at the Warren’s Shoeblacking factory when he was young. It was a miserable time in his childhood.

Pip, Joe and Herbert sit down for breakfast. It’s awkward for both Joe and Pip. Joe not knowing how to act and Pip becoming frustrated with him. Joe tells Pip that he ran into Pumblechook at the Three Jolly Bargemen. (Pumblechook rubs Joe the wrong way, acting as if HE has raised Pip.) Apparently Joe is in London with some news for Pip!

Art Expectations Day 171


171 GreatExp birdhat150

I’m on Page 187 of Great Expectations and Joe is coming for a visit to London. I created another tissue paper collage of Joe and his hat.

Not only has Pip spent much money on furnishings, he has also “started a boy in top boots in bondage and slavery.” (This sounds kinda kinky! But I think Dickens means that Pip has hired a servant.) Pip admits to mainly feeding the boy and having difficulty finding things for him to do!

Pip readies the rooms for Joe’s visit, with the Avenger (new servant, real name Pepper) on guard in the hall. Joe arrives, clumsily up the stairs, slowly reading the names on the doors as he ascends. Once let in the apartment, he grabs both of Pip’s hands, pumping them up and down “as if [Pip] had been the last-patented pump.” He then holds his hat awkwardly between the two of them, as if it is his most prized possession, like a bird’s nest with eggs in it.

Here is another drawing I did recently. It’s a Rhinoctopus confronting a Seafly:
rhinoctopus&seafly FlandoWEB

Art Expectations Day 159

Great Expectations art for blog ArtExpectations

A Fine Fowl

Pip admits to developing a few expensive habits, becoming more comfortable with spending someone else’s money. He’s moving forward with his “education” (learning the ins & outs of London society life).

He heads off to dinner at Wemmick’s one night. On their walk to his house, Wemmick tells Pip that he has a fine fowl for dinner, the best in the shop, at no cost, from a former client. He also tells him that Jaggers will soon be extending an invitation to Pip for dinner, along with some of Pip’s new friends.

Pip learns that Jaggers never locks a single door or window at night!
“Is he never robbed?” asks Pip.

Art Expectations Day 127


127 GreatExp profile Pip noose

It’s a hot summer day in London: “dust and grit lay thick on everything.” Pip can’t take the head casts staring at him any longer (in Jaggers’s office) so he goes out for a walk. He ends up by St Paul’s and Newgate Prison. Quite a number of people are milling about mostly smelling of spirits and beer. Pip takes this to mean that court is in session.

A drunk minister of justice gives Pip an interesting tour of the gallows yard, where the convicted are publicly whipped and hanged, and the Debtor’s Door. Poor Pip gets a sickening feeling about London. He gives the guy a shilling just to get rid of him and end the tour!

He then walks to a different section of town and discovers that other people are also waiting for Jaggers.

I am still working on the two head casts and will add more layers of plaster today. In the meantime, I did this painting collage of Pip’s profile. I think it came out nicely. I’ll post pics of the head casts soon!