Art Expectations 316 Ice Cold


Ice Cold Heart

Detail of Ice Cold Heart

{Day 316 Page 338}  “What have I done!” cries Miss Havisham over and over. By shutting out the light she has shut out much more. She’s lost Estella and secluded herself. Pip says not to worry about him but to try to undo what she has done to Estella. She made Estella into a cold woman full of resentment, and at a very young age. She has a heart full of ice! Miss H admits to Pip that when she first started out she meant no harm. She simply meant to save Estella from heartbreak, from the same pain she had felt. Over time though, once she saw how beautiful Estella was, she adorned her with praise and jewels. She turned her into a tool for getting revenge for the injustices committed against her. (Being tricked into marriage, getting jilted at the altar, then being robbed by the very fiancé.)

Above is a mixed media piece I created using acrylic paint and pieces of old paper. I added some metal:  small copper rings and an old key register key button. I glued on a 3D printed little “iceberg” above Estella’s heart. I’ve had fun creating things on the 3D printer at the Richardson Public Library !

Art Expectations Day 158


158 GreatExp canoeing whole SM

It looks like Pip, even though he is keeping the apartment in London, still spends a good deal of time at Herbert’s family home in Hammersmith. He has become friends with the tenant Startop (described as effeminate) but seems to mistrust the other tenant Drummle (described as sluggish).

They often go rowing on the river along with Herbert. Pip describes his and Startop’s canoes as “breaking the sunset or the moonlight in midstream.” This sounds beautiful!

Camilla, Mr Pocket’s (the dad’s) sister and Georgiana, a cousin, show up for a visit. Pip suspects they hate him for coming into his prosperity so easily. I suspect they are jealous that he is getting Miss Havisham’s fortune!