Art Expectations Day 146


146 GreatExp orangewater150

Mrs Pocket asks Pip if he likes the taste of orange-flower water, a question completely out of the blue. Pip finds out that she was brought up without learning any skills of any kind, especially those pertaining to the common people. Being raised solely for the purpose of marrying a “title” (her father being a knight), she has no domestive knowledge. She’s completely useless!

I looked up orange-flower water and found that it is also known as orange-blossum water and is a clear distillation of bitter-orange blossums. It’s becoming more popular these days actually, which I find very interesting, since Dickens wrote this book so long ago! It is today being used to flavor foods such as Spanish King Cake, European madeleines, Mexican wedding cakes and Pan de Muerto and in the U.S. in scones and marshmallows. Yum, I’m getting hungry!

Enjoy my little orange-blossum painting and hope you have a great day!