Art Expectations 224 Peeping Orlick



{Page 242}  Still out for a walk with Biddy on the night of his mother’s funeral, Pip asks her what she knows about Orlick. (He still thinks Orlick is responsible for the attack on his mother, which ultimately killed her.) Biddy says she saw Orlick right there (on the path they are walking on) the night his mother finally passed away. In fact, she says she just saw him again, a few moments earlier as they walked, peaking from behind a tree at them. Creepy! Orlick has apparently been pursuing Biddy. Pip is angry at that. He tells her he plans to come visit more often, now that Joe is all alone. Biddy replies with “Are you quite sure, then, that you WILL come to see him often?” Pip is taken aback by her harsh tone. Well!

Art Expectations Day 91


Jail Bird

It’s a very dark, wet, misty and muddy night as Mr Wopsle and Pip make their way home from having tea in town. They run into Orlick who has also spent his half-holiday in town and is looking for company on his way home, so he says. He sings loudly and Pip thinks he is drunk, but he isn’t.

As the three walk on together they hear guns going off down in the marshes by the river. More escaped convicts. Orlick says, “There’s some of the birds flown from the cages … We’d be puzzled how to bring down a jail-bird on the wing, tonight.” Meaning, I think, that it’s a miserable, difficult night to try to hunt down escapees.

I created this cute jail-bird in Illustrator. I think he has escaped!