Great Expectations Day 42


Day 4 (I took Sunday, yesterday, off. Family in town and it’s Spring Break for my kids this week. Yeah!)

This page (page 46) is what gave me the inspiration for the illustration above. Pip notices that the shopkeepers in town around Mr Pumblechook’s home and business spy on each other suspiciously. Mr P (the corn chandler) watches the saddler, who watches the coach-maker, who eyes the baker, staring at the grocer, who looks at the chemist. In the middle of it all is the watch-maker, who seems to be the only one concentrating on his own actual work! I thought this was so funny!

Pip is grilled by Mr P over breakfast with math and multiplication problems. At 10 o-clock they head to Miss Havisham’s house. Her house is described as old brick with some windows boarded up. The front gate is locked and there is an abandoned brewery next door.

I decided to use acrylic paint on this illustration on Crescent board. I work from the background forward, painting in the ground first and then the buildings. I’ll have fun starting on the gentlemen!

Great Expectations Day 41


Here is my finished sketch for this illustration. I wanted to do something that takes me longer than 30 minutes to complete for a change! So I will be working on this one over about a week, a little every day. And I will post my progress daily.

Page 45 (I still have a looooong way to go!):

Pip is to meet Miss Havisham tomorrow after spending the night at Mr Pumblechook’s in town. Since he is covered in soot, he is “soaped, kneaded, towelled, thumped, harrowed and rasped” in order to make a good impression. He’s dressed up in his finest, stiffest clothes and brought before Mr P before heading off in his chaise-cart to his house in town. Pip has no say in the manner… in his future. He’s still pretty young, and I guess most kids don’t at this age.

At Mr P’s corn-chandler/seed-handler shop and home, Pip is mesmerized by all the drawers and containers of interesting things. He notices the corduroy’s that Mr P and his shop-man seem to always wear.

I want this illustration to be fun and almost child-like. It’s a view of the town where Mr P and Miss Havisham live. I am creating it on Crescent Illustration board. I love the texture – not too rough or smooth. It’s 12×10 inches and I think I will use acrylic instead of watercolor. Not sure though. I will probably start painting today, so I need to decide soon!

Great Expectations Day 40


I am planning on creating one illustration over the next week (or so) working on it bit-by-bit and posting my progress. I have read ahead about four pages and have come up with a rough sketch for what I want to do. I hope this turns out to be a fun exercise!

Day 40, page 44:
A wealthy recluse named Miss Havisham apparently asked Mr Pumblechook if he knew of any young boys to come play at her house. He of course recommended Pip and plans to take Pip to meet her tomorrow morning. But, Pip is such a mess… soot from head to toe! Mrs Joe calls them all “Mooncalfs” meaning born fools.

Here is a sketch of my plan for this illustration. It’s not much to see! Hopefully I’ll have the sketch finished tomorrow. And then the fun part — PAINTING!

Great Expectations Day 39


Day 39: the 6th (and last) panel of my altered book triptych. I will take some photos tomorrow of the whole thing, both sides, to post. It all looks good together!

I am addicted to art supplies. Obsession:Confession

Mrs Joe has been out all day at market with the bumbling Mr Pumblechook helping him select household goods. (He’s incapable of doing this himself?) Joe has been cleaning and telling Pip his life story, mainly his childhood. They hear her coming up the road on Mr P’s chaise-cart. It’s very cold. (Remember, it’s winter, a year after the incident with the convict.) Once inside, warming by the fire, Mrs Joe remarks that Pip had better be grateful for something being offered by a woman. (Exact word used was “she”.) “SHE???” Pip and Joe remark. Who is this mystery woman and what is she offering Pip?

On this panel, I freehand painted a little portrait of Dickens and added the title of the book. There was this odd shaped red satin bloop in the middle so I turned that into a speech bubble. For the next few days (maybe a week) I plan to work on one larger piece, spending more time on it. I’ll post my progress daily though!

Great Expectations Day 22


Hello. I accidently typed Day 222 at first. WOW… will I actually have a Day 222 some day? This year? THREE figures?! Some day.

Mr. Pumblechook becomes giddy from the gin-and-water. Everyone recovers form the “Tar” incident. And it seems forgotten. Pip is relieved. But then, Mrs Joe announces that she has a very special treat! A PORK PIE! She goes to retrieve this from the pantry. Of course, Pip knows it’s not there, having been devoured by the convict. He decides to make a run for it… for the front door, before she discovers the theft.

He is stopped in his tracks at the door by a party of soldiers with muskets and a pair  of handcuffs!

This piece is mostly digital, created in Photoshop. I drew the handcuffs with a ball point pen and scanned it. Doing a quick research (love Google) of old handcuffs from the 1800s, I found this pair based on a design from either the UK or USA from about 1890. The closest I could find. They really haven’t changed much in design over the years. I also scanned in an old Grammar book illustration of a boy getting in trouble for stealing apples. He is in the tree and a man is throwing stones at him! Wonder what will happen to Pip?