Art Expectations 239 Bleak House



[Day 239, Page 258]

As Pip and Estella visit with Miss Havisham, Pip notices that Miss H is so devoted to Estella that she appears to be devouring her. Eating her up like a spider on a fly! Miss H asks Pip, “How does she use you?” He doesn’t give an answer. In front of the fire that night, Miss H quizzes Estella, wanting every detail of her London suitors, while watching Pip closely for his reactions. Now that’s just cruel! Pip becomes aware for the first time of Miss H’s plan to seek revenge on all men through Estella. He fits in this plan also, to be tormented. BUT “the prize was reserved for me”. He thinks he gets Estella in the end. We’ll see, and is she worth it?

Great Expectations Day 43


Another day of reading and working on my illustration. I’m a little further along. I don’t usually like to show people my “work-in-progress” of anything I work on… portraits, altered books, illustrations, graphic design work. The reason why is because it usually looks bad at certain points, just because it’s not complete. And I think people are thinking, “it’s going to look like THAT?” I’d rather wait and show the finished product. So this is a little hard for me to do. But this is a year for trying new things, right?

Pip and Mr Pumblechook stand outside the gate at Miss Havisham’s house. A beautiful young lady lets Pip in, but not Mr P. (He’s not invited!) Pip describes the outside front yard as he walks with the young lady toward the house:
– clean, paved courtyard but has grass growing in the cracks
– brewery next door butts right up to the property
– the brewery side doors are wide open to reveal an empty inside

The young lady talks to Pip a little. She tells him nothing has been brewed in that brewery for a long time. She also tells him that Miss Havisham’s house is named Manor House but it’s also sometimes called Satis, which means enough.

I discovered that I do not like trying to paint thin lines with a paint brush! I don’t have the eyesight or hands for that. I’m talking about the white line (paint) work. I prefer the sketchy look of a drawn thin line. Next time, I will see if I can find a white paint pen or marker to use for the thin line work. Or else scan and do that part in Photoshop. That always works nicely. See you tomorrow!