Art Expectations Day 128


128 law scale150

Mr Jaggers is a trial lawyer and it seems he has helped and is helping many people who are in trouble. He is very popular! Pip describes some of the people waiting about for Jaggers. He watches as Jaggers begins to interact with them. Jaggers demands to know from two men if they have paid Wemmich. The have. They want to talk with Jaggers but he “won’t have it!” He says, waving them off, “If you say a word to me, I’ll throw up the case.” He then goes to two women and starts up a conversation with them, apparently about their case also.

Here is a scale like those usually used to represent “Law”. Jaggers, on one side, is heavier than all the people on the other.

Here are my two head casts, coming along. I added some features. Moving slowly on this but will be done eventually! I’m thinking the two head casts in Jaggers’s office were made from decapitated heads from criminals that Jaggers had represented. (ICK!)
126 head casts 3