Work in Progress

Color Fun

I never quite finished this one. Started it about five years ago. Do you sometimes feel you have no free time? At all. I know I do have small pockets of time to create. I just need to plan my days better. Less Netflix lol. And Hulu and HBO and Prime Video. It’s so important to me, to take time for myself, I should schedule it on my To Do list. Tomorrow. I’m doing that!

I was lucky enough recently to tag along as a chaperone with some advanced art high school students on a field trip to The Warehouse gallery. They had an activity of building sculptures with random everyday objects using no glue or tape. Just balancing! It was fun to watch their creative minds at work.

Here is my attempt later at home using much smaller objects, shot in black and white on my phone. It’s much harder than it looks to balance these objects!

Art Expectations Day 155


155 GreatExp head casts finished

Wemmick shows Pip around Jaggers’ office, letting him see the other three clerks working there. Pip questions Wemmick about the two twitchy head casts he’d seen on his first day there. WHO are they??? (See my post on February 21, 2013, Day 128)

Wemmick informs Pip that one of them murdered his master and died at the gallows.

Here are my two head casts that I started in February, now finished. I really did not think these would come up again in the story, but here they are! (The one on the left is covered in pages from the book. The one on the right is covered in a handmade paper that looks a little like stone.)