Art Expectations 209 A Cup of Tea



Pip and Estella retreat into a grungy private room at the stagecoach station for tea while they wait for a carriage. The carriage will take them to Surrey Richmond, where Estella is to stay. She will live with a lady there, at great expense, who will show her around town and introduce her to people. Pip senses that she is not happy with this plan. He admits to her that he is as happy as he can be in London with Herbert. As happy as he can be AWAY FROM HER, he tells her. How will she respond to this? Surely she suspects how he feels!

I looked up Richmond to see if it’s a real neighborhood in London or an adjacent town. Richmond is an affluent suburban town in south west London. (Thanks Wikipedia!) I also found this interesting map:

It shows all the important places from Dickens’s stories, including Great Expectations. How cool is that?! Here is the main page with even more info on Dickens: