Art Expectations Day 105



The stranger at the bar continues to put Mr Wopsle on the spot for assuming that the suspect in the murder case was guilty before having his day in court. Then the stranger asks aloud for Joe, the blacksmith and then for Pip. “I am here!” says Pip. Wonder what he wants?

That’s it! Pretty boring page, nothing much happening. BUT I can’t wait to see what the stranger wants from them. Is he the convict from several years past?

I did an acrylic painting, letting some of the paint run, drawing on top with a thin white paint pen. I looked at one of the ink drawings by F. W. Pailthorpe in the book for my reference for Pip and Joe. (It’s below.) Pip is in the bar with Joe awaiting the strangers request.

Art Expectations Day 79


Almost Day 80!!!

Here is a 5×5 canvas piece I have been working on, on-and-off all week. I started out painting random blobs of acrylic paint all over, letting dry, then painting more layers on top. (Had to get rid of that blank white canvas just staring at and taunting me!) I then chose 3 pieces of paper art to glue on with matte Gel Medium. I chose the bird because I bet Pip sometimes wished he was a bird to fly away from all the crazy, demanding people in his life, to be set free.

The funny little old man is from a deck of antique Old Maid cards. The character reminds me of Mr Pumblechook. The third piece of paper is a strip from an old Sears catalog, just added for some extra texture. I painted more layers on top, scratching into some areas while still wet.

On page 88, Joe is teasing Mrs Joe with the amount of money that Miss Havisham gave to them for all Pip’s hard work (play?) at her house. I am pretty sure Pip will see none of this money!