Art Expectations Day 175


175 GreatExp smiths150ink bottles stacked

green ink & pen

This weekend, I went to the art supply store with a small list of items I needed. I had filled up my arms and was just about done when I saw on a lower shelf, these lovely little bottles of Winsor & Newton ink. I quickly put back everything and snatched up a set. Was it the right thing to do? Probably not, since I still need those other items. I had a few of these bottles in college (they are long gone) and would drool over all the other colors which I felt were too expensive for me at the time. (Poor college student, yada yada yada) This time I used a coupon and went for it! I have spent the past two days playing around with them. I love the transparent colors and used them with an old fashioned quill pen. I discovered it is very hard to write cursive with this kind of pen. HOW did they used to do this?! I also used paint brushes and treated the ink like very liquid watercolor. (I have to admit I mostly love the packaging, tiny little bottles in cute square boxes with wonderful little illustrations on them!) I’ve had fun! Did I mention I am addicted to art supplies? Back to the story…

Joe says that Pumblechook told him that Miss Havisham wishes to speak with him (Joe). So next day, all cleaned up, Joe visits her. She tells him that Estella is back in town and “would be glad to see him (Pip).” This is why Joe is in London, to pass on this news to Pip. As soon as he does, Joe jumps up to leave. So soon? Not staying for dinner? Nope. Joe says, very poetically, that “life is made of partings welded together… and one man’s a blacksmith, and one’s a whitesmith, and one’s a goldsmith, and one’s a coppersmith.” Divisions among all kinds must come and be dealt with.