Art Expectations 277 Yin Yang


276 GreatExp yin&yang150

{Day 277 Pg 297} We are sitting in on Magwitch telling his life story at Pip and Herbert’s apartment.
Magwitch and Compeyson have been accused of a misdemeanor (putting stolen money into circulation). In court, they have separate counselors. Compeyon’s words to Magwitch were “separate defenses, no communication”. Magwitch notices how Compeyson is presented in court as the educated gentleman who could have done better. Magwitch is the good-for-nothing wretch who will only do worse. Magwitch gets accused of being the one who set up all the ill schemes and took in the money. He gets sentenced to 14 years and Compeyson only 7. He tells Compeyson that once out of court, he’ll smash in his face!

I recycled an old canvas that had a painting on it I did a while back and never liked. I did leave a few pieces of the old work peaking out!