Art Expectations 230 21 Stones



[Day 230, Page 248]

Wemmick gives Pip some solid advice. If he gives money to a friend, he might as well throw the money and the friend into the Thames River from the top of one of the bridges! He will lose the money and the friend. He says you should only give money to someone you WANT to get rid of. {Wemmick admits that this is his opinion in the office, but that he might have a different opinion at home. Pip plans to meet him there at a later date to get that other opinion.}

As Pip and Jaggers head out, Pip thinks he would rather be dining with Wemmick than Jaggers. “Coming of age” seems “hardly worth while in such a guarded and suspicious world”. Our little Pip has become an adult, and with that comes responsibilities and decisions to make!

Art Expectations 229 Bridges



[Day 229, Page 247]

Their meeting over, Pip invites Jaggers to dine with Herbert and himself back at Barnard’s Inn. (This is still Pip’s 21st birthday!) Jaggers accepts but makes Pip wait while he writes some letters and washes his hands. During this time, Pip asks Wemmick what he thinks of Pip helping out, financially, a friend struggling in business (Herbert, no doubt). Wemmick starts naming off bridges in London: London bridge, Southwark, Blackfriars, Waterloo, Westminster and Vauxhall. Hmmm….. Wemmick is a strange man!

Art Expectations 206 Portable Pigeons



As they continue through Newgate Prison, Wemmick tells Pip to “notice the man I shall shake hands with.” This should be easy, as Wemmick has not shaken hands with any prisoner so far.

Then he does shake hands with a man known as Colonel. This man served the King as a soldier! He says he thinks he will be getting out on Monday. (But Wemmick later, as they walk away, tells Pip that he will surely hang on Monday.) The Colonel is a pigeon-fancier and Wemmick makes a deal with him for two of his pigeons. They’re portable property, after all! (Wemmick’s favorite sort of item to collect.)

Art Expectations Day 203 Estella Noose



[Page 220] Wopsle asks Pip if he noticed a heckler in the audience. (Only ONE?!) Pip feels sorry for Wopsle and asks him back to Barnard’s Inn with them for some supper. (I thought “supper” was used only here in the States, in the Deep South. Dickens used it in England in the mid-1800s!) Wopsle stays until 2:00 am, talking of his plans to revive the Drama. Pip goes to bed and dreams of having to give up his fortune, losing Estella, marrying Herbert’s Clara and having to perform Hamlet to Miss Havisham’s ghost!

{Chapter 32} This page ends with a note from Estella which Pip excitedly receives in the post (mail). She’s coming to London! She says Miss H expects Pip to meet her. Signed, “Yours, Estella”.

I created a watercolor on my Yupo paper… so smooth.

Art Expectations Day 176


176 GreatExp blueboar150

Joe is saying his good-byes to Pip in London. He tells Pip he (Joe) is “wrong in these clothes”. He’s best suited for the forge, hammer in hand, covered in soot. “God bless you, dear old Pip” and with that, he walks out.

Chapter 28: Pip decides he must go back home the very next day to see Estella. He will not stay at his childhood home with Joe and his sister. But will room at the Blue Boar in town. He knows this is wrong but convinces himself with all sorts of reasons. (Is he too good for his old home?) His big decision now is whether to take the Avenger (his servant) in his fancy boots with him on this journey home.

Here’s a blue boar on yupo paper, painted with re-inkers mixed with medium and blue Winsor & Newton ink. Until next time! (Wonder how Estella will treat him this time?)

I added a Portrait Tab at the top. This contains a few of the portraits I’ve painted. I have done many more but lost the digital files and pictures of them when my computer died last year. (boo hoo) I am hoping I can find a backup on a CD somewhere. Wish me luck!

Art Expectations Day 168


168 GreatExp drunk150

The gang took too much wine and talked way too much during dinner at Jaggers’s house. Pip and Drummle start to argue, Pip starting most of it. I think Pip is jealous that Jaggers is showing so much interest in Drummle. He is really acting like an ass! He points out to everyone that he saw Drummle borrowing money from Startop. Drummle admits it, but also says he’ll pay Startop back. Drummle whispers to no one in particular, “that Pip and Herbert might both go to the devil and shake themselves!” Startop tries to intervene to break it up. We’re left at that, at the bottom of page 184.

I gave the Yupo paper another try, this time with watercolor, not ink. It worked beautifully! Here is a drunken bottle, watercolor on yupo.

Thanks to all of you who are following my blog; my meager little quest at illustrating Great Expectations. I’ve learned and grown a lot during this exercise over the past year and a half. It’s been a fun ride. But it’s not over until I read page 412!

Art Expectations Day 166


166 GreatExp floating in money150

Dinner at Jaggers’s is going smoothly, so far, as they enjoy several courses: fish, mutton and fowl, along with sauces and wine. Pip notices that Jaggers seems to “wrench” out the weakest part of each of them as they speak. For Pip, he goes on and on admitting his tendency for lavish spending and boasts about his great prospects. (He is aware that he is saying this, but can’t seem to stop himself!) During the cheese course, they all start to compare their rowing skills and their muscles. Sounds like it’s going to get rowdy!

I got some new art supplies in the mail. Yippee! I ordered some Yupo paper, some new ink pads and re-inkers. Plus a Sta-wet palette. I tried them all! I had been hearing about re-inkers and wasn’t even sure what they were. They are little bottles of highly concentrated ink used for loading up empty ink pads. Here is what I learned: re-inkers do not dry on Yupo paper! I painted this illustration with the ink a week ago and it’s STILL wet! Obviously I don’t know what I am doing. I have since learned that watercolor does dry on Yupo paper and works beautifully. And re-inkers are being mainly used by artists, mixed with glazing mediums to paint with. I’ll give that a try soon. Here is Pip, floating in money – still wet!