[Day 249, Page 268]
Pip lets the man he found on his staircase during the stormy night in to his apartment. He does not recognize the older, balding, browned, weathered man. But the man seems to know him well. And glad to see him, reaching both his hands out to Pip. Pip does not take them. He does let the man sit by his fire to warm himself. {Here’s a peak at the stormy sea outside Pip’s door at the bottom of the stairs.}

[Day 250, Page 270] Page 269 contains an illustration of Pip on the stairs along with the outstretched hands of the older man in the book. As Pip studies the weathered man more, he comes to the sick realization that he is the CONVICT from many years ago! As a boy, Pip was threatened by this man and helped him by bringing him some drink, food and money while he was hiding from the law. Now, many years later, the convict takes Pip’s hands in his and kisses them. He tells Pip he shall never forget Pip’s noble act. Pip says there’s no need for a thank-you and he hopes the criminal has changed his ways. I am sure Pip is more than a little scared for his life and belongings right now! {I did a quick sketch of the convict’s weathered all-knowing (all-seeing) hands.}

[Day 251, Page 271]
Pip offers the weary and wet convict a drink but makes clear that he can’t stay the night. The man becomes teary-eyed which softens Pip. He apologizes for being so harsh to him and asks what he has been up to all these years. He tells Pip he has done very well as a sheep-farmer, a stock-breeder and various other trades in the new world. Pip recalls how he had given the convict 2 one-pound notes long ago. And then he was re-paid this amount from the convict by a messenger. {A quick sketch with paint-pens and acrylic. I was going to paint the mushroom red, but decided I liked it chalky white. I gave myself a limited palette of 3 colors, plus the black of the background. It’s refreshing to sometimes limit yourself!}


237 GreatExp ghostPIP150Pip’s spirit wanders about the home in Richmond where Estella has been staying while in London. She is living with Mrs Brandley and her daughter. Mrs Brandley appears young and frivolous while her daughter acts older and is all about theology. They receive many visitors at their home, opportunities for Estella to meet many people, and possible suitors. Pip is driven MAD (MAD, I tell you!) by this. “She had admirers without end.” He spends as many hours there as he can, going on picnics with them, and to plays, operas, concerts and parties. (What a life!) Alas, he is even more miserable now than before she moved to London. He’s totally obsessed  with her. And she treats him so poorly, taking pity on him.

Here is a sketch of Pip’s ghost wandering about, with Estella stringing him along. We celebrated Easter this past weekend with our two kids, who no longer want to hunt for Easter eggs. Boo hoo. They did eat plenty of candy though. As did I!