Art Expectations 268 Birth Life Death


268 GreatExp Life 150

[Day 268 Page 288] Upon his arrival back in London at the Temple apartment, Herbert is given Magwitch’s ratty old bible to hold and he’s instructed to kiss it. Pip says, “Do so, as he wishes it.” They have decided to tell Herbert the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  They will trust him. He’s sworn on the bible after all! As they both tell the story from the beginning to Herbert, Pip realizes that Magwitch doesn’t see any of Pip’s disappointment. He is so proud of what he has done for Pip (and with Pip), making him a real gentleman, that he doesn’t see it from Pip’s point of view. Money is money, right? Does it matter where it comes from? Anyway, Pip should be grateful to Magwitch. But the whole thing was really not fair to him, keeping it all a secret until now.

Art Expectations Day 170


170 GreatExp chairs150

A letter from Biddy arrives announcing that Joe and Mr Wopsle are coming to London for a visit with Pip. This letter arrives on a Monday and they are coming the very next day, Tuesday, at 9 am! Pip confesses that he is not pleased by this news. He would rather pay money to keep them away. I think he’s embarrassed by Joe’s country ways. He doesn’t want his new city friends to see where he comes from.

He tells how he has vastly changed the rooms at Barnard’s Inn where he resides with Herbert. He’s purchased many new furnishings. I’m sure his place is a far cry from his meager beginnings with Joe and his sister in the country. Could it be that he doesn’t want them to see how much he has changed?

I created a tissue drawing contrasting two chairs. Can’t wait to hear what Joe has to say about the “new” Pip!

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Happy Fall! Hope everyone is getting some cooler weather here in the Southern States. I’m ready to bake some pies!

Great Expectations Day 58



I’m working on my Great Expectations guitar for the Wildflower festival finally! I could not decide between the two designs I had sketched out, so obviously they were just not right. I couldn’t get excited about either one. This new design came to me really quickly. I sketched it out and got started right away.

First, back to the story (look further down to see the progression of my guitar painting):

Pip describes the night classes he attends at Mr Wopsle’s great-aunt’s shop. (It’s also her bed-chamber and she pretty much just dozes off the whole time!) Here is his description of what goes on: the children toss an old book around, fighting, great-aunt sleeps, Biddy reads aloud and they try to follow along and it’s very dark during the winter in the shop so it’s hard to even see.

After class, Pip stops by the Three Jolly Bargemen, the local public-house, to fetch Joe and take him home. Joe is by the fire, smoking his pipe, with Mr Wopsle and a stranger. I wonder if the word “pub” comes from public-house? Yes, it does. Here are some facts about how pubs got started from Wikipedia:

Guitar work:

(I am painting in oils directly on the guitar. This will not be the most exciting guitar at the event! And I am OK with this. There will be some amazing pieces there, especially ones that are more like sculpture, greatly altered…. really cool. But I feel strongly that I want my guitars to still be playable – to still function as a guitar.)



Great Expectations Day 14


I did this VERY quick little painting on a piece of junk mail I received. I like to recycle when I can! I first painted the pork pie and then the bottle of Brandy. But instead of doing a still life on a table top (the convict is actually enjoying these treats in the battery not in a kitchen anyway) I did a landscape of what the trees in the marsh might look like. The painting appears very rough and primitive to me. I would normally consider this a “study” rather than a finished piece of art. But I still like it!

As the convict is enjoying the food, Pip thinks he looks like a dog, wolfing and biting and gulping food and worrying about intruders coming to take it away. The convict does thank Pip, in a round-about way. Pip tells the convict that he saw the “other” younger man. The convict seems started by this.